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A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer when visiting a website. Cookies cannot identify you as a person, only the browser you are using to access website.

Cookies do not contain viruses and cannot affect data or information on your computer.

Cookies can be stored on your computer. They can be activated for example when you revisit the same website.

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Cookies on this website

This website uses cookies to improve your perception of our website.

We want users to get the best out of our site and cookies are therefore used to gather anonymous statistics on visits to the site, to enable us to optimise and improve its content.

We use Google Analytics to measure traffic statistics.

Our website is powered by Joomla! CMS. Joomla sets a session cookie which is used to remember you if you log in to non-public areas of the website. A temporary cookie that rememers your choice of language is also set. Temporary cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser.

To remember your preferences for cookies in the box at the top of the site, we will place a cookie on your computer. You will then avoid having to react next time you visit our website.

The lifetime of the cookie embedded in your browser can vary. Some are deleted when you leave the site, and others can live for up to 5 years.

IP addresses

This website gathers IP addresses for statistical purposes.

The objective is to compile statistics on use of the site to improve the way we administer and optimise content.

An IP address is a number identifying a user's computer on the internet. Knowing an IP address is not the same as identifying the user.

An IP address is simply a number that does not contain any personal information on the user.

How to remove cookies from your browser

If you do not want cookies transferred from our website and saved on your computer, deactivate cookies in your browser. For more details, go to Forbrugerrådets website.

You can remove existing cookies from your browser by deleting them. Read more here:

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